About Us

Our support for the hospital officially began in 1900 when the Auxiliary was organized. However, it is interesting to note that a committee of Ladies in Aid of the Hospital Fund was certainly active at least 10 years before. Today, we have 262 active members including 29 men.

Our mission is to provide care and comfort for everyone who uses the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital and to encourage support for the hospital within the community. We raise funds for new Hospital equipment, Patient Comfort Items, and also provide Bursaries and Awards for graduating NRGH Junior Volunteers entering training for healthcare careers. We share our time and talents by volunteering for the benefit of others in the main hospital and in the Dufferin Place Residential Care Facility. We provide information and education to our membership concerning the hospital and health care through newsletters, meetings and conferences.

The Auxiliary Activities include a Thrift Store, a Gift Shop, a Craft Workparty and a variety of other fund raising activities. Our members also participate in volunteer services such as Hospitality, Hosts Outpatient Clinics and Emergency, Information Desk, Junior Volunteer Program, Library Cart, Patient and Resident Recreation, Lost and Found, and Special Projects and Events.

Making a difference in our community is important to us.