Craft Workparty

The Craft Workparty has 24 active members who meet regularly on Wednesdays from 9:30 am to 11:30 am. We host a Spring Sale in May, and a 2-day Christmas theme and Bake Sale in November.

Note: (July 8, 2015) The work party meetings have been suspended while our new work space is being renovated. An email will be sent out to members with information about when the meetings will resume.

Crafty items displayed during a Spring Craft Sale.

The Hospital Auxillary started with a small group of women in 1900, who wanted to do something to raise money to improve the Hospital. They held teas and dances and sewed different items for Doctors and patients.

Fast forward 115 years and we now have Hospital Auxillary members volunteering in the gift shop, thrift store, coffee kiosk and, of course, the Craft Group.

We still make and donate items to the Hospital…knitted hats and wraps for the premie babies, covers for incubators, tray favours for patients at easter and Christmas, and have also made OR hats for Doctors and Nurses, and caps for cancer patients.

Crafters hard at work on a Wednesday morning.

This group works mostly at home and meets one morning a week at the hospital. Our supplies are mostly donated to us from some generous community members and suppliers.

We have quilters, knitters and sewers, and create a variety of items which we sell at our twice yearly sales.

Quilts, placemats, knitted sweaters and socks are just a few of the many items we offer for sale. There is much more to see and buy…..they make great Christmas gifts!

And, of course, we do contribute to a yearly one day bake sale which sells out fairly quickly.

We are happy to welcome new members and new ideas and are a very friendly group.

If you would like to join the Craft Workparty, please call (250)585-0409, or email us at
The volunteer application package is available here